Keynote Speaker

Tamara J. Walker

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Walker is a renowned scholar, journalist, and activist who studies race, slavery, and material culture in Peru.  She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Toronto in Canada, and previously served as a Visiting Scholar at the Americas Center at the University of Virginia.

After pursuing a Bachelor’s in History and Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Walker received her PhD in Latin American History from the Univeristy of Michigan.  Her research has received support from the Ford Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the American Association of University Women and the John Carter Brown Library, and has appeared in such publications as Slavery & Abolition: A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies, Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, Gender & History,and The Journal of Family History.  Most recently, her book, Exquisite Slaves: Race, Clothing, and Status in Colonial Peru, was published in 2017 by Cambridge University Press.

Currently, Dr. Walker is undertaking two research projects; the first focuses on slavery and and piracy in the Transpacific Spanish empire.  The second examines the legacy of colonial portraiture on contemporary images in the Andes and the degree to which visual culture from this region relies upon the display of servile black bodies.